Thursday, November 29, 2007

A comment on comments

I have said it before and I will say it again. I am a comment whore. I love them. Need them. Want them. As my dotcomrade Driving with the brakes on put it "blogger's validation is better than crack". least we think so.

That being said I know I have some lurkers (Hey Wicker, CoCo, Mom!!!!!). Leave a comment you freaks.

Also, I make every attempt to comment directly to your comments. If you aren't on blogger, or your profile does not show your email I can not respond to you directly. I try to respond in my comments but for some reason I am just not good about commenting on my comments. Does that make any sense? Feel free to send me your e-mail if you would like and I will reply to you directly. Otherwise Know that I read and love all your thoughts.

Except for the ones that smell like the chicken breasts that got lost under my seat in the middle of the summer for a week. You suck. If you continue to send me e-mails questioning my faith (because I swear, love gays and am pro choice) and telling me I'm a suck ass parent...Know this. I will post your hate mail on my blog for the world to see with your address. I will then send you every piece of junk e-mail and chain letters that I get everyday for the rest of your miserable life. If that is not scary enough...I will hand deliver my little terrorists right to your front door and leave them with you for an entire day. That should be enough to make you re-examine your holier than though, narrow minded, ignorant, rotten chicken point of view. Or at least make you stop sharing it with me.

Ok, now to do the deep breathing witchypoo taught me. Feelin' the love now.

Lovin' ya all! Except one pious dickhead.




  1. I almost pissed my pants. I love the forwarding all the spam. I may have to consider that. The terrorists bit was hilarious.

  2. Woah Zoe.........this one was loaded! But I LOVED every word of it!

    Next time someone crosses me, can I send them to you?

  3. How is this post so completely timely with what's been going on in my blog of the woods? You could not have said it better and anonymous posting is no longer allowed on my blog. We'll see what happens!

  4. oh please share this one with us, please!!!

    zoe, i wish you lived around here to fight my battles!!!

  5. I frikin LOVE you! Oh the woes of Zoe's world!

  6. I'm so making t-shirts that say "Got Blog Drama"? Seems like that's been going around lately!

    Oh, and I'd be happy to share some of my spam e-mail for the cause! :-)


  7. Send your holier than thou commenter my way. MWAHAHA.

    Seriously, I want to see their head implode at the fact that God loves gays as much as anybody AND is pro-choice. He is the guy behind the curtain on the whole free will thing, which does NOT demand that we enforce our choices on others.

    Countdown to implosion: 3... 2... 1 *SPLAT*

  8. @jae: What's this "he" shytte?
    @zoe: The mark of a pithy post is when I nearly pithed my panth.
    I peed a little. You're so funny.
    I'm so surprised that I haven't gotten the nutbar mail. But maybe they are afeared I will put a hex on them or something.
    I'm so happy that you are practising the breathing.

  9. Love this post!!! Who dares to leave crappy comments??


  10. Seriously? I can't believe someone would send you some snarky anonymous hate mail. You can throw my kids into the mix, and send them on their way with your little terrorists to shit all over the jerk's grumpy little parade. My kids alone are enough to make anyone run for the hills. Trust me. I've considered it often lately. ;0)

  11. Holy crap, I have only just found your blog, but you scared me a little. Now I will always leave a comment. A good one!!;)

  12. Here's my comment of the day LOL! I've been really bad at commenting on blogs. I'm reading, I swear... I just try to whiz through my 130+ blogs on bloglines and don't comment. I'll try to be better.

  13. LOVE this post!! And I'm going to have to remember this for my future jerk commentors.

  14. Well, I'm pro-choice and like gays, should I be getting hate mail too? There are some nut jobs out there, huh?

    I try to comment on my comments too. I also try to comment on all the blogs I leave, but with being away this last weekend, I've had a hard time playing catch up! Hey, how old is Ava? She has the cutest little curls.

  15. i :heart: zoe.

    if i ever needed to go into a battle of any sort, i would call you. :)

  16. hi zoe...

    i just found your blog & that was so right on girl. LOVED it. well said!

    can i steal what you wrote to put on my blog? lol..i need to write something that is the same. i am just starting to acquire readers but i had some nasty person come by yesterday & man just wait til i post about that...trying to calm down 1st so its not all bad language lol.

    anyway keep it up! =)

  17. I am here!! I don't always comment, but I totally get a kick out of your thoughts!

  18. hahaha

    good work - i hope they stay the hell away from you now :)

    I always read, but dont really comment. I will start to improve now!

    And no need to email me, as the email connected to this doesnt get used. . .

    Renee :)


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