Thursday, November 8, 2007

Buns of marshmellow fluff

In the car:
Cade: Mom! Mom! Mom!
Me: Yes?
Cade: Um. Never mind.
Me: What baby?
Cade: Noooo. Me don't want to talk to you! Amonte!!!!
Amonte: WHAT?
Cade: When it snows will you make a snowman with me?
Amonte: Yeah, whatever.
Me: I can make a snow man with ya baby.
Cade: Um. No. You aren't strong enough.

WTF? Not strong enough to roll a few balls of snow around? Damn. I really need to hit the gym...I didn't realize it was SO obvious that I'm out of shape. Thanks Cade!


  1. AH HA HA HA HA....that one about made me fall out of my chair!

  2. Hey that is better than having your 4 year old, ask you if you have another baby in your belly!! YEAH!!! started doing crunches that night!!!! :)


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