Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who am I???

I am sadly behind on my blog reading. I will be catching up tonight. I also know I have been TAGGED! FINALLY! And those will also be done tonight as will the word and TFT....seeing as on Turkey day I will most likely be too hammered to type a single word...much less have a thought. I'm off to go shopping with the darling Ava for the perfect outfit for her to wear on Thanksgiving. God I love having a daughter. In the main time I leave you with this....

  • Why? Oh Why? Is Cade calling ME Boston Mannor? When I ask him he laughs hysterically. When I ask Peyton he laughs hysterically. When I ask Ava she just looks at me. When I ask Amonte he says "who knows, he is wierd". When I ask Mark he says "huh?" without even looking away from the tv. Any clue? Even a tiny one?


  1. holy crap. you are funny. i read your blog all the time. but don't always comment because i can't think of something witty to say. love it though. and i just remembered i was tagged too! better get on that!


  2. I was tagged too. I better get to typing. :)

  3. I was hoping someone would know why you are being called Boston Mannor.

  4. I love having a girl too, I didn't get it before I had one, but it is great. I know I'll change my mind once she hits her tweens, but right now it is the best.

  5. mary tagged you before i could. maybe next time. hope you had a good shopping experience.

  6. Boston Mannor?? ROFL...I have no clue... Have a good Thanksgiving Zoe!

  7. oh wow. I tagged you with the same thing. you are popular!


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