Monday, November 19, 2007

Through the looking glass

Highlights of weekend fun and games.

Things the boys fought over:

  • Can monsters with little arms open doors?
  • Would dinosaurs make good pets? (They both agreed that they would-except not dinosaurs with little arms because you would always have to open the doors for them).
  • Who took a bath first, went to bed first, brushed their teeth first.
  • Who would be 7 first. The whole birth order thing doesn't seem to matter.
  • Who scribbles and who colors.
Best tattle:
  • By Peyton (of course) "MOOOOOMMMM! Cade keeps saying FACE at me!" Me" Um Peyton, that's not a bad word." Peyton "DUH! I KNOW THAT BUT HE IS BUGGING ME."
Best injury:
  • Peyton got in a fight with a rocking chair and lost. Slight contusion under right eye.
Craft project run amock:
  • Hand print turkeys for the kids and the 2 little ones I was babysitting on Saturday. I think my table is ruined. Clothes certainly were. Tears and paint flinging were involved. Googly glue on eyes will eventually pass in the stool....won't they?
Best car conversation:
  • Cade"I'm not going to say a peep the whole way to church. I'm going to be really quiet. Because my tummy is screaming -I want cake! I want cake! And if I open my mouth that is all that will come out." 30 seconds later "Will there be cake at the party later?" 10 seconds later "Will it be chocolate cake?" 30 seconds later when Amonte and I were laughing at a man wearing his dog as a scarf "MOOOOOMMM! BE QUIET! I NEED PEACE AND QUIET ALREADY!"
All things Norm:
  • Brought home by the neighbor x 3.
  • Devoured 2 bones purchased on Friday before Sunday am.
  • New stuff toy demolished in exactly 10 minutes.
Things accomplished:
  • Not a single, solitary freaking one.
Number of Tylenol consumed:
  • 16
AHHHH. The work week.


  1. this may be the funniest post i've read all day. you've got a great sense of humor...but i guess you have to with the kids!!

  2. Too funny. I like the car conversation. You guys are hillarious.

  3. This was good. I totally needed to read something like this tonight.........thanks :)
    Your kids crack me up!!

  4. love this post (as usual). love the whole cake conversation. sounds like a 4 year old that i know (has food on the brain at all times!)

    ahh about the tylenol. you may want to switch to Motrin. perhaps 800mg. lol!!!

  5. Thanks for my daily laugh! I love the cake conversation. ;0)


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