Thursday, November 15, 2007

Super freaks...or super stars??? You decide!

In case you guys didn't already know: my two youngest boys are super stars. Plain and simple. They are hot stuff, like their momma.

Peyton is the new face of Nicole Barczak Photography.

If that wasn't enough to just make me truly the proudest mother on earth already: yesterday when I picked up Cade one of the childcare workers said "go look on the bathroom wall". My first though was-dear god what has he done now??? She assured me it was good...and it was! There are 3 pictures of Cade showing step by step how to wash and dry your hands! He is the poster boy for post potty hygiene *wiping away a tear*.

Peyton says it's because Cade is the best hand washer in childcare. I thought that was a pretty nice thing for him to say. I have seen Cade wash his hands and I do believe he should be a surgeon...or maybe he'll have OCD and be a germophobe. Either way-soooo proud.


  1. Actually most superstars are kinda freaky ;)
    Btw, thank you for not using that horrific word verification box.
    I get it wrong about every other time.
    Even when my glasses are clean.

  2. Love the new face of Nicole Barczak Photography. Very handsome picture. :)

  3. haha love that he's the best hand washing boy! that is just too cute! i bet he's SO proud. :)

  4. oh - i just love that picture. and a poster boy for personal hygiene - you do have some superstars!

  5. that is a great picture!! how sweet...good for ya'll!

  6. Your boys are adorable and Nicole has amazing talent!

  7. No that's pretty cool. Congratulations!


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