Monday, November 5, 2007

Somebody has been sleeping in my bed & using my razor

I am grossly behind on my e-mails and blog readings. I plan to try and catch up tonight! It was a busy weekend and today is not shaping up to be anything terrfific. Cade got in bed with me sometime during the night, had an accident, hopped out and went and got back in his bed...never saying a word. I rolled over this morning and was like WTF? So not only am I home with a sick kid (Ava) but I will be taking a trip to the laundrymat...since my comforter surely will not fit in my washer. Mark is working overtime AGAIN tonight. We really need the money but it sucks not having any help...not that he is a ton of help but any is better than none.

Anyway. Enough. Whining. Already.

Heard while in the bathroom yesterday:

Mark: Ava are you gonna comb daddy's hair? (Mark is bald btw)

Cade: You don't have any hair dad.

Peyton: (in is insuated dumb ass voice) No it's all on his butt.

Cade:EWWWW! You should shave that!

Peyton: Yeah! Use mom's razor.



  1. I'm sorry but I'm getting stared at in the office for laughing out loud at that last part.

    Reminds me of when our oldest actually DID steal my razor -- and shaved one of her eyebrows off. She told me it jumped off the shelf and got her -- maybe seven years old.

    She still hates when I tell that story :)

  2. OMG, I just about fell off my chair "Use mom's razor"...LOL!

    Hope your day starts looking up! :-) Hope Ava feels better soon!

  3. Seriuosly, how do you contain yourself with the laughter?!?! Your kids are a riot!

  4. cute picture. i needed that laugh today.

  5. Hahahahahaha! Ahem...back to your regularly scheduled programming...

  6. How nice of Cade to leave you a present in the middle of the night, and not tell you. And the razor story had to crack up your husband!

  7. Too Funny! How do you not crack up laughing at your kids anitcs!? I mean I know since you live with them it probably gets annoying having such smart mouths in the house, but at the same time I don't think I would be able to keep a straight face! And the using the razor on the butt thing...AH HA HA HA:)

  8. What a friggin' riot!!! Haven't heard a peep about Norm lately. Has he wandered off or just behaving?


  9. oldest shaved off 1/2 an eyebrow once. Not pretty and he ruined my razor in the process.


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