Friday, November 2, 2007

No tricks, just treats

My Mom came over on Halloween to help me get the kids ready. It was much appreciated because Ava was not feeling well and was in rare form. Peyton and Cade were acting like crack addicts in dire need of a fix. Amonte was...where the hell was Amonte??

Anyway. Ava did not really enjoy the "getting ready" party and flatly refused to allow me to put whiskers on her chubby cheeks. Once we got her outside she was perkier than a newly augment breast. She danced around the yard and rolled in the leaves while the boys impatiently waited. At the first house she wasn't too sure...but once she realized you get treats in bucket she was all in. Her brothers were very patient with her and made certain that she was not forgotten if they made it to a door before her. They were polite and Peyton refrained from singing his new fav song "trick or treat smell my feet give something good to eat-if you don't I don't care-I'll pull down your underwear". Nice. Ava signed thank you to everyone and of course added a kiss for good measure which won her lots of "awwws". When it started misting out we headed home with NO complaining. The kids pigged out and handed out some candy to stragglers...mostly teens sans costumes. Heres a peak:
Don't Peyton and Cade look thrilled? But hey no fighting!!!
Ava protesting.
Ava signing thank you.


  1. See, the leopard print on Ava's costume is SO cute. The leopard print on the costumes in Jessa's size looked cheap and trashy! I want her costume! so cute! lol Where'd u find it? I ended up ordering jessa's online.

  2. Ohh they are so cute! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  3. Awww! They are all so cute! I love that picture of Ava with the purple icing all over her face from the "party" post. And, I had to laugh about the "I've got sugar!" comment. The other day, completely out of the blue, Hazel exclaimed, "Momma'...EVERYBODY knows...I...LOVE...SUGAR!" No kidding, huh?


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