Monday, November 12, 2007

Is animal control watching????

This morning I woke up late. I know you are all surprised by that. I had left my scrubs in the dryer last night and I knew they would be all wrinkled. I have issues with wrinkled clothes. I went to the dryer, shut the door and turned it on. Suddenly I heard howling and THUNK, THUNK, THUNK. Instantly I SCREAMED "OH FUCK! THE CAT!!!!" I opened the door and out pops my sweet little Trixie. Completely unfazed. She didn't even give me a dirty look. Cade and I totally manhandled her with kisses and hugs and she just looked at us like "what?". I felt soooo bad. She is truly the sweetest most patient cat. Now had Sybil jumped in there, Norm, or maybe even one of the kids...I may have waited a bit longer to open the door. But truly this was an accident. I hope she forgives me.


  1. Poor kitty! And, before I even got to that part of your post, I was already thinking, "Now, I'll bet, if that had been Norm..." ;0)

  2. Dang! Lucky little gal :)
    Good thing it didn't happen @ my house where rarely there is a peaceful moment. Or else poor Trixies thumps might have gone on unheard! Always a fear of mine, what has Isaac put in here now?Since he likes to 'pretend' he is helping w/ laundry I try to remember to give a quick arm thrust for bowls full of grapes, etc.

  3. glad everyone is safe and

  4. Having four cats myself, this is a deep fear I have...that one will sneak in there before I turn it on. That actually happened to one of my younger cousins when she was a teenager and the cat DIED. She has been traumatized about it ever since. Poor kid, she is the biggest animal lover too :(

  5. What a funny story! My cats do that all the time - get in the dryer when I'm not looking. See ya.


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