Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Missing in action

Hello Blogger world. By chance have any of you seen Cade's shoes? They were last spotted in the kitchen at around 7 pm while I was putting away $400 worth of groceries with my darling helpers. I do recall telling Cade ever so politely to please remove them from the kitchen and put them where they belong. However, they are not in the closet. Or under the couch, chair or beds. They are not in any of the bedrooms. They are not in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. Cade wore his winter boots to school today. He didn't mind. Would any of my lovely blogger buddies like to take my darling boy to purchase a new pair of shoes this evening? He will be ready and waiting on the porch for you. Thanks ever so much.


  1. do you check the trash??? we in doubt, that's what i do. more times, things have been inadvertantly put in the trash. except for when i deliberately throw their junk away!!!

    when john was about 1, i woke him up from a nap to go to my mother's for dinner. he hated putting shoes on so i just grabbed them and intended to put them on in the car. well i started driving on the main drag and saw the shoes fly off my car. i had placed them on the roof and drove away. i was so bummed because they were one of his first pairs of shoes and expensive (i have since learned not to pay that much!!!) fortunately, found one that night. yes. i dropped him off at my mother's and went looking. then the next day, i was driving in the opposite direction and found it. i know.... a bit obsessive. what can i say?

    p.s. i should have just posted this on my blog. at least i would have had something for nablopomo!

  2. I was hungry, okay?
    Back off. I ate the damn shoes.

  3. Still diggin' Boston Mannor! What a name! Did you ask him where he heard it @? It really could be alot worse, trust me!


  4. hmmmm. i wonder where those shoes could be? good luck with finding them. check your cupboards. :)

    happy thanksgiving!

  5. Perhas the shoes are in Norm's stomach???

  6. Don't hate me, consider it easy material for a Saturday. I have tagged you for a meme. It's up on my site right now.

  7. Hilarious - mostly because 3 of the boys are currently on the hunt for the 22 month old's shoe!

  8. I am having withdrawals from reading your blog. Where are you? I hope you and your family had a great thanksgiving! Look forward to your upcoming posts!!!


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