Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I love my job

  • Yesterday I took Ava to the Dr. and we left with 3 RX's. One for antibiotics, one for breathing treatments and another for steroids. I felt guilty but I had to take her to the laundry mat to wash my comforter...thanks to Cade's late night gift. The laundry nazi kept yelling at Ava not to touch the carts and I was about to bitch slap her old ass by the time we got done.
  • While we were at hellmat the childcare called to inform me that Peyton did not get off the bus. After several frantic calls we found him at home. Luckily Amonte was there to let him in. He had decided that he did not "feel like" going to childcare so he just rode the bus home. I'm so glad that he took it upon himself to make that decision.
  • While Amonte was "watching" Peyton he fell asleep and Norm ate a pair of jeans and a shirt. Peyton polished off a good majority of the Halloween candy. Thanks my darling oldest child.
  • Cade poured an entire bottle of bath wash down the tub drain. Imagine my surprise when it was Peyton's turn and the tub is filling up with mounds of bubbles.
  • Norm was let out of the house too many times to count and I think my neighbor is damn sick of bringing him home. Maybe I should suggest that he keep him.
  • The boys got their haircut. They had been growing it out because they wanted "High School Musical hair" and I had really gotten to like it longer...especially Cade's because his is soooo thick. But today the both got fau-hawks. Of course it was a disaster because the dumb ass that cut Cade's hair cut it WAY shorter than Peyton's and Cade really wanted a taller hawk...he cried in the chair. I felt so bad for him especially since the haircut was his idea and Peyton decided on it as an after thought
  • They spent the rest of the afternoon eating a variety of foods and burping in each others faces. They then moved on to eating combinations of food and burping in each others faces to see who could get a stinkier burp. I'm so proud of their creativity and their ability to work together.
  • Ava put cars in the toilet. I was just glad she was up and around and no longer up my ass.
  • Ava colored all over Cade's legs with marker and he let her. He is so cooperative like that.
  • Peyton built a fort in their room, trapped himself inside it and took a 3 hour nap in there. He will be up alll night long.
  • It SNOWED. Need I say more.
Tommorow I'm going to work!!! YAhhoooooo!


  1. Thank you for posting this as it was just what I needed to read :)
    You have the BEST stories!

  2. Okay, you are seriously crackin' me up! I love the way you type things out...LOL!

    Here's hoping work is much less "work" than home...LOL!

  3. OMG snow!?!?!?!?!?! I had to put our AC on today!

  4. Yeah I can't believe it snowed today...ugh it is too soon for that!

  5. thanks, zoe. i no longer need t.v. this is pure entertainment. enjoy tomorrow!!!

  6. Wow, my dear. Just reading that made me tired! But, at least I'm laughing now. Of, course, I'm laughing WITH you...not at you. Or aren't you laughing? ;0)

  7. holy moly - it must be one of those days when you look forward to going to work! :) colored his legs with marker - gotta love that creative side!

  8. btw, i hope ava is feeling better!!!

  9. you freakin ROCK...for the record..

  10. oh mannnnnnn...that is alot to deal with at one time but the 'deciding to go back home' would have blown me away to the psych ward.

    Snow? I can only deam about seeing snow this winter.

  11. i love love love love to read your blog. your honestly rocks.

    i got to work tonight. another dang week before i get to go back.

    funny how my perspective has changed.


  12. Why have I not read your blog before? Huh? I swear you're living my life. Ok, so the creative endeavors and adventures vary...but I so know your life.

    Loved reading this...since it was you and not me. LOL Sorry. :)


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