Sunday, November 25, 2007

Part 2

Ok. Now to continue my tag, I don't think I will reach 42 but here goes.

TMI about my offspring:

  1. When Ava is really tired she pulls her eyelashes out. I'm terrified she has trichatolamania.
  2. Cade calls his boobs "man cans". He insists that one has juice and one has milk. He has a baby doll that he nurses.
  3. Cade also has a freakishly long tongue. In fact he can lick his man cans.
  4. When Peyton first potty trained he had to be butt ass naked to poop. It didn't matter where we were. It all had to come off. He was also obsessed with Harry Potter at this time. We were shopping at Target and he was following me around in full Harry Potter gear. He had to poop but I wouldn't take him unless he agreed to stay clothed...which he wouldn't. "MOOOOOOOM. Why won't you take me to the potttttyyyyy?" Finally irritated I snapped "Do you think Harry Potter gets butt naked to poop?" To which he responded loudly "UH HUH! Harry Potter does get naked to poop! It's in the 3rd movie and we don't have that one!" Having not seen that one how could I argue? I took him to the potty where he got naked and did his thing.
  5. When Peyton was a toddler he loved to wear socks on his hands. All the time. He also loved to wear a pair of rubber rain boots all summer long. By the end of the summer they smelled like ass. Real stinky ass.
  6. When Amonte was in the 3rd grade he complained that his butt hurt. Of course he didn't want me to look but he kept complaining and he couldn't even sit down. Finally Mark and I wrestled him to the ground and pulled his pants off. It was summer and we lived in a row of townhouses. The windows were open and he was SCREAMING "Get off me! Get out of my butt!" He had shingles. I was glad we looked.
  7. All of my kids are convinced that I can untie their belly buttons.


  1. i was wondering where you were!!! i can't stop laughing about the "get out of my butt" comment. out of the mouth of babes!

  2. OMG Man cans! One has juice, the other milk.
    This is hysterical. I am so glad I was not drinking a beverage when I read this, because it would have come out my nose.
    Thanks, I needed that *still giggling*

  3. AH HA HA HA! Great stuff. Your kids crack me up! MAN CANS! ROFL

  4. I just cannot get over this one! Each one funnier then the next! I wouldn't want to be tagged by you(if I blogged)! How do you follow up on answers like these? Ha! Too dang funny!!

  5. ROFLMAO! Man cans, naked pooping Harry Potter, "get out of my butt". Bwahahahaha!

  6. I love #7. Love it!

    My Papa would tell us he would put our head between our ears, and we would run away, 'OH NOESSSS!!!!"

  7. Good stuff! Man cans, naked Harry Potter pooping and untying belly buttons. Aren't kids great?


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