Thursday, November 15, 2007

Better get Norm an orange sweater

*Whisper* Today is opening day in haystack Michigan. I'm blogging sitting on the floor in the dark for fear some crazed deer killer may think the reflection in the window is deer eyes. I'm terrified to drive down country roads for fear of stray bullets. The buck pole is up and on the radio. *Fetal position-sucking thumb* If Norm gets loose in the next week it is all over for him. All over. I wonder if they would hang him on the buck pole? Would they win a prize?


  1. No joke - my norm has a bright red coat with his name on the back in that gray reflector stuff. I did not buy this for him. Someone else did.
    Be safe :)

  2. I heard a gunshot so close it almost made me drop to my knees. At 7o'clock. this. morning.

  3. Yeah. Testosterone and guns. Not always a good combo.
    Buck fever is strange, innit?
    I read somewhere about a guy on a stump smoking a ciggie who got shot. The shooter said it was a deer smoking a cigarette.
    Why, oh, why is alcohol such an integral part of hunting season?

  4. You are So Funny!

  5. Your post are to funny!


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