Monday, November 26, 2007

Ho's beware

Recently in the car Cade was singing along with the radio and I hear:

Cade: "It's too late to call your john!"

Me: Nearly spitting my last precious swallow of Coke all over the dashboard "Uh Cade I think he is singing-it's too late to apologize."

Cade: "No him not. Listen. It's too late to call your john!"

Amonte: "He's your son."

They really should clean those lyrics up and do you know anyone who makes smug grin remover for teenagers? I'll take a case.


  1. OMG yer so funny!
    That child is purely adorable.
    Amonte? Does he know Ass Burger Boy?
    They seem to sport a similar smirk.

  2. Oh, that's priceless...LMAO!!! (and I looove that song!)

  3. Oh, those songs! I once heard my three year old from the back seat sing, "Shut up and drive"!

  4. Hey, if you're interested in the secret santa drop me your info at

  5. That's funny! Good thing he doesn't know what it means...

  6. be happy your daughter doesn't dance to milkshakes.

  7. "Smug grin remover" - HA - I need some of that too! See ya.

  8. I think I just peed my pants from laughing so hard! Off to change my panties... LOL!

  9. They pick up on everything don't they! haha


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