Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bats in the belfry

We ghosted and then were return ghosted x 4= 4 large Ziplocs of candy.

2 Halloween parties with all parents anxious to participate and out do each other in their generosity= 4 more Ziplocs of candy and a full bucket too.

3 perfectly adorable, well mannered trick or treaters (one who signs thank you and throws in a kiss each time)= 3 giant overflowing plastic pumpkins.

My question is what do I do with all this crap?

I let the kids eat all they wanted last night. Then we brushed their teeth and cleaned out all the Halloween goodies. No more pumpkins, witches or bats..except for a bat that escaped and flew up Cade's nose. Good bye Halloween. Good bye sucrose highs.

Then I brought 2 Ziplocs bags resembling myself stuffed into a swimsuit into work. People have been like "you took all that from your kids? that is sooo mean". Yeah, I'm an evil cavity creep hate monger. I literally have about 20 pounds of tantrum inducing sugar left.

I read an article by a dentist who said let them eat it all in one night and toss the rest. I have friends who give out a piece a night until it is all gone (that would take years). I know other people who let their kids gorge everyday till there is nothing left.

What do you do with the vast amount of goodies brought on by the holidays??? Oh and me eating them is NOT an option.


  1. My parents usually let me have all I wanted every day until it was all gone. Or they packed a handful in my school lunch every day. As for how we deal with our little candy monster now... well, this is her first Halloween with candy so I'm not really sure how we'll do it. I suppose we will use this year as a "test drive." We didn't trick or treat, but we DID stop at various family members' houses and they all gave Tiegan little goodie bags full of chocolate and Smarties, etc.

    I've been sitting down with her and sharing pieces (one mini candy bar for her, two for me... haha) every now and then when she's good. I got her on a pretty good sugar buzz earlier, so we went outside and chased each other outside in the yard until she crashed. I suppose if you're gonna load 'em (and yourselves) up, that's a good way to burn it off! :)

  2. i really need to take your lead and pitch some of it. at least that way, they won't eat it all and i won't either!

  3. Fortunately, Hazel wanted to stop the candy pilfering after one cul-de-sac. It's too friggin' cold up here. And, she's allergic to nuts. So, the eliminates about half the candy in the bag (thank God). But, in an effort for her not to feel "cheated" out of candy, we started our own tradition. We bag up all of the nut-filled candy, and leave it on the fireplace for the "Halloween Witch". She comes on Halloween night, and takes all of the unedible candy away, and leaves a toy. This year it was a Halloween Barbie. And, the confiscated candy will be boxed up with the rest of this month's care package to Afghanistan for Daddy. :0)

  4. I used to get to eat my candy until it was gone. It used to last until about Christmas HAHA!

    I'm not sure what we'll do with our kids yet... The thought of them gorging themselves on candy makes me sick.

  5. i'm pretty sure we used to just eat the candy until it was gone. wow, that must have taken a while when you have a pillow case full. :)

    tucker got a lot of goodies at his halloween party and the friends/relatives houses we stopped at - but he is not eating it now. i let him have a few things - but he doesn't need anymore. it is deer season and we just give it to the guys to bring with them out in the woods. i also made little goodie bags for my nieces/nephew to give to them this weekend thus depleating the stash. oh, and i bring some to work to share in the candy dish. as long as it is out of my house we're good to go!

  6. I let my kids have a few pieces that night and then we "donate" it to my moms classroom. I figured that is what every kid wants from his teacher... more candy!! :)

  7. Came here from OMSH.
    Had to post this trick I picked up from my friend.
    I let the kids eat what they wanted for about an hour.
    After they had stopped I suggested that they sell their candy to me and then they could take that money and buy something they wanted. They agreed and sorted through the candy deciding what to keep and what to sell. The girls are 4 and 5 so I had them count their piles out load for me. I then asked if they could further reduce their keep piles to 10 pieces each. They agreed and then without a fight put the rest in the bowl by the door to give away to the trick or treaters. This was the first year I tried this so I offered a fixed price to entice them. I also did it on Halloween night so that I could dump all the candy that was left into the last trick or treater's bag.
    My girlfriend's kids are a little older. They price out all their candy and set up a store. Then she goes in, they add it all up and she pays them. She does this with all candy filled holidays now. She lets her husband have a little and then throws the rest away so she won't eat it.
    Bonus is you get a math lesson n there.


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